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Reinventing business

Market research

Marketing research services designed in accordance with your needs, directed at the solution of marketing and business problems or benefiting from market opportunities, reflecting pragmatical results, measurements, analysis and strategies.

Management consulting

Effective solutions directed at the improvement of business performance. Feasibility studies, business plans, marketing plans and strategies in compliance with global standards.

Big data & Analytics

Studying consumer behavior and customer experience by the big data analysis. The intensification of the segmentation. Prediction by advanced statistical models and simulations.

About us

Bimpact is an Azerbaijani based company offering the solutions for marketing and business research, management consulting and data analysis to its customers. We help our clients to improve their performance, reach their tactical and strategic goals, and reinvent their business. We offer the profitable business solutions by using the insights that we achieved with the most up-to-date research and analysis tools to solve the business problems of our customers. The name of Bimpact derives from “Business impact” and it reflects our desire of the positive impact on businesses, organizations and the economy at global level.




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